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About Our Treks

Up Out and About (UOA) strives to get people Up Out and About! UOA Adventure Treks are through a variety of reigns. You could be hiking, biking, kayaking or rafting in any combination on these action adventures.

Raise money for a charity!

UOA trips are designed for various ages and fitness levels to challenge one self.

Some individuals want to add a twist and do something different for their health, some want to do something they have never done before, and some want to challenge themselves with camaraderie of making new friends. These events are not designed to race for time; they are designed to be accomplished for a successful lifestyle improvement.
TO COMPLETE Not to Compete!

Up Out and About is defined as:

The friends you will make on these trips. The Friends you will train with. The friends you will have forever!

The complete and wholehearted devotion. The dedication you learn from training.

The act or process of motivating by an influence or motivating force. That will be you!

Active Exploring
Exploring the outdoors through an active lifestyle!

The knowledge or training acquired by this TREK!

The Experience
The experience of a lifetime!

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